How To Do Penis Exercises

Learning how to do penis exercises should be as simple as learning how to ride a bike. Once you've got the hang of it you'll never forget. It's that easy. If you're able to exercise the rest of your body, why not the penis as well?

Three of the safest and easiest ways to do penis exercises are:

  • PC Flex Exercise
  • Jelqing Exercise
  • Long Schlong Exercise
  1. The PC Flex is the easiest way to do penis exercises. In order to do this exercise, you need to know where the PC is. To find the PC,  take a bathroom break. Halfway through urinating simply hold it in, or stop. The muscle you use between the anus and the testicles is the same muscle you should be flexing. This is the easiest of the penis exercises because it can be done any time and any place. When you're taking a shower, do five or ten PC Flexes. While giving an important speech or presentation at work, flex a little. Not only will it benefit your penis, it might help calm any nervousness you may be experiencing as well.  Remember, just like any other exercise, take baby steps at first.  Start with five minute penis exercises then gradually increase the time every couple of days or weeks. The benefits of the PC Flex include growth in the penis and a longer, more satisfying experience in bed.
  2. The Jelqing Exercise is another simple way to do penis exercises. To Jelq (also known as "milking") wrap your thumb and index finger around your penis and slide away from your body while the penis is somewhat erect. Make sure you're not only pushing the skin towards the head but also the blood. The purpose of this penis exercise is to increase the length of your penis at full erection. Hold your hand there for three seconds before switching hands and doing it again.  Always massage your penis before each jelq so that no serious injuries can occur. Start off with a small number such as 25 jelqs and gradually increase as each week passes.
  3. The third easiest way to do penis exercises is to perform the Long Schlong routine. This is probably one of the weirdest penis exercises but it seems to be effective. To start, take your thumb and index finger and form an "o" shape just under the head of your penis. Then, pull in a stretching manner and hold it there for fifteen seconds before doing it again. Just like the other penis exercises, remember to massage after each pull. The Long Schlong Exercise is a lot less boring than the other two penis exercises because with this one you can switch it up a bit. Try pulling and stretching up, down, and side to side instead of just straight out in front of you. Never pull too hard though! Your penis is not a rubber band and you can hurt yourself.



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