How Do Physically Unattractive People Date?

Have you ever seen that not-so-handsome guy at the bar with the hot girlfriend and wondered how do physically unattractive people date such hot chicks? So-called physically unattractive people can have just as much success at dating as anyone else. People with less than Hollywood looks can actually surpass the dating achievements of the pretty boys. Outward aesthetics is actually a very small part of what's needed to be able to ensnare the opposite sex. Being physically attractive can actually become a social impediment if it's all you rely on to charm your potential love interests.

  1. Being physically unattractive is a relative condition. No one is drop dead gorgeous to everyone. Not even Denzel Washington could make the claim to be physically attractive to everyone. There are going to be people that like you. There are going to be people that don't, simple as that. You shouldn't want someone that doesn't want you anyway, so get over it.
  2. Work with what you have. Be comfortable with who you are. Realize that there's a lot more to the substance of a man than looks. Only childish women fall in love with looks. Mature women evaluate the whole package, so make sure she knows what a good guy you are. Being physically unattractive isn't as bad as being mentally, socially and emotionally ugly.   
  3. Attracting, and more importantly keeping the opposite sex has a lot more to do with inner person than the packaging. Outward beauty is not substantial enough to keep someone interested in you. It's much more effective to have some brains, to be witty, have charisma… Basically, be a well rounded person. Some of the best seducers of modern times would be considered physically unattractive compared to their contemporaries, but the ladies love them. Why? Because they could stimulate more than just a woman's eyes. It's been said before, but men are the visually stimulated species. Ladies need to have their minds and emotions ummm…. stroked. Look at a guy like Notorious BIG. He wasn't the most handsome guy in the world. As a matter of fact, he knew he was physically unattractive. Do you think he cared? No because he had a golden tongue long before the records and the money.
  4. Change the things you can. No one's perfect. If you feel uncomfortable about yourself then do what you need to do to build your self esteem. Overweight? Hit the gym. Do you have questionable hygiene? Clean yourself up. If you feel physically unattractive, improve the things you can. Feeling good about yourself  makes you more attractive to others. Confidence is a hell of a magnetic force. Lets up that self esteem.
  5. Accept the things about you that can't be fixed. Just because you find something physically unattractive about yourself doesn't mean someone else will. Don't fixate on it.
  6. Women out there are looking for stability in a mate not some one dimensional Ken doll of a man. They'd rather have an average looking guy with a steady job that treated them like a queen then some good looking jerk. I guarantee you, knowing how to treat a woman will get you a lot farther with the ladies then any physical attribute you  may or may not have.

Dating isn't easy for anyone when they're not comfortable with themselves first. There are certain individual specific hurdles that we all have to get over in order to become proficient with meeting and wooing women. What works for you may not work for the next man. Your strengths can be his weaknesses. Once you accept the person you are you begin to gain a real confidence. You can develop your own approach specific to your strengths. Carve out your particular niche in the dating game and excel.   

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