How To Do A Pop Shuvit On A Skimboard

Pop shuvit on a skimboard is a great trick to learn how to pull off. A pop shuvit is a blast and even better when you take a dip afterwards. Tricks on a skimboard such as a pop shuvit are growing in popularity. Skimboarding has taken on many of the characteristics of skateboarding and snowboarding. A pop shuvit is a well recognized trick in the skimboarding community. Pulling off a pop shuvit is a great way to build skill and balance on a skimboard. The article will explain the proper mechanics to pull off a pop shuvit on a skimboard. It will help you learn just how simple a trick this really is.

What you will need to do this trick:

  • Skimboard
  • Beach, lake with shore or Wade pool
  • Intermediate skill level


  1. Stretch out and be warmed up before jumping into a trick. Run up to the shoreline or low water level. Toss the skimboard out in from of you. Jump onto the skimboard as you normally would.
  2. While you are riding your skimboard be sure to position one foot forward and the other back. Jump up, pushing your trailing foot outward. This action will lift the board and flip it.
  3. Now, land back on the skimboard after the pop shuvit if you can, sticking the trick. Unlike tricks on skateboards, there is no concern with hitting hard pavement. Take a dip in the cold surf and enjoy the fact you just did a pop shuvit.
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