How To Do Power Punches On Wii Boxing

Knowing how to do power punches on Wii Boxing is knowing how to dominate your opponent. In Wii Boxing for the Nintendo Wii, there are three types of punches you can throw to render your opponent unconscious. In order of low strength, there is the weak punch, the medium punch and the power punch. Each punch has their own pros and cons. For example, the weak punch is not as powerful as the power punch, but the weak punch enables you to counterattack much quicker. The strong punch is a great physical attack, but it decreases your speed. It's a combination of all three punches that allows you to fight balanced and beat your opponent. Weak punches are easily executed with the flick of a Wii-Mote, while the power punches take more preparation. 

  1. Start with your WiiMote and Nun-Chuck to your face in a vertical position. Depending on whether you are left handed or right handed, you have to punch the air in a 90 degree angle.
  2. Swing at a 90 degree angle going counter-clockwise, if you are right-handed, while a left-handed player will swing at the same angle but in a clockwise motion.

The power punch, if it connects with your opponent, will be a deadly punch. Every time you connect with a power punch, your opponents life bar will decrease about two or three points. Your opponent has ten points, so with a couple of these punches, you will be in-control and ultimately defeat your opponent. Mastering the mixture of weak punches, medium punches and power punches, you will be unstoppable in Wii Boxing.

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