How To Do The Raw Food Detox Diet

To learn how to do the raw food detox diet you should read all the guidelines here. The raw food detox diet has five levels and level one begins with realizing how processed foods can cause the body to be full of toxins. The raw food detox diet is not a diet at all, but a way of life.

  1. Understanding the Five Levels of the Raw Detox Diet. Some people are full of sugar and fats and they need a slow process to transition and some can go right to a full blown raw diet. Learning the full diet and then being asked questions about your level of toxicity will allow the perfect diet to commence.
  2. A Raw Foodist. A raw foodist is one who is 75 percent raw and in step number five, this is where you will be. In step five, dieters are allowed to eat 75% raw foods and one cooked meal a day. Most raw foodist are vegans and live mainly on Mother Earth.
  3. Detoxing the Body With Whole Foods. The first step in the raw detox diet is starting you on raw fruits and vegetables to get the body balanced and aligned. By eliminating all processed foods the body is able to get rid of the toxins and breathe once more.
  4. Perfect Recipes. In order to stay on a raw food diet, you need to have many delicious recipes to cook and alternate during the week. Riding the body of all sugar and substituting raw honey as a sweetener will start you on to the road of health.
  5. Foods You Can Eat. You can eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw goat cheese, raw ice cream, avocados, raw butter, chocolate, olive oil and more. In stage one, you can have salmon once a week. A 100% raw diet is not for everyone.
  6. Cost of the Diet. The main cost involved in this diet is the machines required. A good blender and juicer are necessary. It is not necessary to have a $500 blender, but a good quality blender is needed. Organic fruits and vegetables are expensive in grocery stores and many raw foodists will resort to growing their own gardens.
  7. Pros of the Diet. The body is cleansed and the toxins are released thus giving the dieter more energy, healthier skin and a longer life with this raw detox diet. This diet allow animals products which vegan diets do not allow. The diet also allows chocolate to keep the dieter happy with such minor treats.
  8. Negatives About the Diet. Although the diet will make you healthier, it can become boring. No longer can you eat at family dinners or go out for pizza. Eating out becomes increasingly difficult and the desire for more variety is always there.
  9. Exercise a Must. Although the raw detox diet does not require exercise, it is recommended.  Many of the Manhattan dieters never do more than walk around the city and see great results, but for a long healthy life, start exercising.
  10. Warnings About the Detox Diet. As with all diets, there must be an air of warning. Many vegans have weak systems due to a lack of some vitamins including B12. It is necessary to have your blood levels checked regularly and take supplements to balance the body totally. Most vitamins can be achieved through foods however.
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