How to Do a Roast Beef Grab on a Snowboard

So you want to learn how to pull off a roast beef grab on a snowboard. If you understand the dynamics of a grab and how to catch some air, learning a roast beef grab should be easy. Learning a roast beef grab will require you to know how to work a half-pipe. You will need advanced skills on the snowboard to pull of a roast beef grab. Most of all, you need to be dedicated to the trick to pull off a roast beef grab. Learning how to roast beef grab, like any trick, has its dangers. Be vigilant and aware when pulling your roast beef grab and have a good time.

What you will need:

  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard gear
  • Half pipe
  1. Before undertaking any trick, make sure you are warmed up. Build some momentum on the half-pipe. Make sure you have plenty of room to pull the trick off. Approach the slope with fair speed. You are going to want to push some air for this trick.
  2. Once airborn, you will want to pull your knees up to your chest. Do not fold your torso to your knees (very important). Reach back with your trailing hand to the heel side of the board. Your hand will go between your bindings.
  3. Keep your free hand up to help maintain your balance. At the highest point of your jump, try extending your front foot as far as you can. Keep a firm grip on the heel side of the snowboard. Keep your knees bent.
  4. As you come back down, maintain your grab. Look for a place to land and as you approach, release the grab and push your legs nearly straight. Stick your landing and move on to the next trick. You have just stuck the roast beef grab!



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