How To Do Sissy Squats

Squats are essential for any lower body exercise routine, but the best lower body squats are sissy squats. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to do sissy squats properly to ensure that your entire lower body is engaged for the best results. Nonetheless, while sissy squats are easy to learn, you must begin with the most basic instructions for proper form and effectiveness.

  1. Begin by holding on to something sturdy.  Hold on to something sturdy with either your right or left arm in order to increase stability. Your heels should be raised off the ground and your head should be slightly tilted backwards with your eyes focusing on the ceiling. Your knees should be slightly bent, since your heels are not stationary on the ground. This is the key to learning sissy squats, as this is your starting position and will help you maintain proper form .
  2. Lower your body.  Slowly lower your body with your head still slightly tilted and eyes focused on the ceiling. It is important to keep your heels off of the floor when lowering your body.
  3. Keep your body low. Continue to lower your body as low as possible without causing strain to the knees. You may hold this stance for a few seconds to keep the tension on the thigh and buttocks area. As you become more advanced, you can increase the sissy squats’ effectiveness by peak contracting for five seconds or more while in this position.
  4. Raise your body back to the top.  From the lower body position, slowly raise your body back to starting position while concurrently keeping your heels from touching the floor. You will feel the tension in your thighs slowly release, however, do not unbend your knees until your set of sissy squats is complete.

Although learning how to do sissy squats is relatively mediocre, it is important to understand that this exercise is not for everyone. Since there is constant tension on the thighs and knees, individuals with weak or troublesome knees should not perform this exercise. Moreover, although sissy squats do not need any additional weights or equipment, the effectiveness of the squats are far more advanced than any other squat. Sissy squats are essential to ultimately shape and sculpt the lower body.

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