How to Do a Spin Move in Basketball

For small and big men, learning how to do a spin move in basketball is a great way to add to one's offensive moves.  The spin move can be used anywhere on the court to go around a defender while keeping the dribble.  Another way of using the spin move is in the post, where it leads to a quick shot attempt.

  1. Steps of the dribbling spin move.  The dribbling spin move first goes either to the right or the left, using the hand of the direction you are dribbling.  Once you are ready to spin, use the inside (closest to the basket – the opposite foot to your initial dribbling hand) foot to pivot.  At this time, you will switch hands to dribble the ball, and explode off of your pivot foot to complete the spin.
  2. Steps of the post spin move.  The spin move in the post normally gives up the dribble.  Simply use your pivot foot to rotate one way towards the basket.  If you were dribbling this is the time to give up the dribble, or you can do this without a dribble at all, which is good as an initial and quick move.  After you rotate off of the pivot foot, take a step towards the basket.  There you can complete the lay-up, hook shoot, or pass.
  3. Work on your finishing moves.  Both moves will require practice in your subsequent move.  For the former, practice finishing at the basket and court awareness, as you will either have a good lane to drive in or you will draw a defender, leaving someone open.  For the latter, practice quick finishing moves to get the basket or draw the foul.
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