How Do Sports Agents Recruit Athletes

Many aspiring sportsmen want to find out how sports agents recruit athletes. Various agents use different approaches, but the overall procedure is standard.

  1. Agents organize tryouts. Sports agents often organize tryouts where aspiring athletes assemble and get a chance to show their prowess. From these tryouts, the agent is able to pick the individuals who suit his requirements. If the agent needs more time to evaluate an athlete he organizes more tryouts where he is able to get a good feel of the athlete he is interested in. This goes on until the sports agent is sure he has got the right talent.
  2. Agents attend athletics championships. Quite a number of sports agents attend college as well as High School athletics championships for a chance to identify athletes with potential. This offers a great chance for them to discover new athletes they want to represent and work with and also evaluate their academic and athletic ability. The agent can only make contact with the prospective athlete after he has left the institution’s dressing and meeting facility.
  3. Agents negotiate terms. Once an agent identifies potential athletes he wants to work with, he begins negotiating. Expect a phone call, home or campus visit from a sports agent. The two of you will then discuss the terms under which you will work until you reach an agreement.  Signing a National Letter of Intent and financial aid agreement binds you and your school to the agreement.
  4. Agents establish common ground. Sports agents have their own work arrangements and budgets and once they are interested in recruiting an athlete they seek to establish common ground before signing any contracts. Ideally, trust, honesty, credibility and openness are major factors that characterize such discussions.

Now you know how those top notch athletes are recruited.

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