How To Do Stair Sprints In A House

Need to know how to do stair sprints in a house? You can still get a killer cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your own home when you learn how to do stair sprints in a house. Stair sprints provide an excellent fat burning exercise as well as a great way to strengthen and tone the lower body. When you know how to perform this exercise correctly you can save money and do an entire workout that will have you burning maximum calories. When learning how to do stair sprints in a house the right way, you should always practice safety first. Follow these tips the next time you want to get your blood pumping and work up a good sweat. Here are the steps to doing stair sprints in a house:

  1. Stretch your legs and entire body prior to performing your stair sprinting exercise. This will ensure that you don’t pull any muscles.
  2. Run up the stairs as fast as you can. Have your body moving forward along with your momentum. Just in case you fall, you want to fall forward rather than backward.
  3. Once you make it to the top, walk down the stairs at a quick pace. Make sure to put both hands on the side of the rails as you walk down.
  4. Repeat steps two and three. Do this exercise for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Do this exercise two to three times a week and you will feel a difference in your cardiovascular conditioning and energy level. Learning how to do stair sprints in a house can be a very intense workout that has many benefits for your health.



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