How To Do A Standing Backflip

Want to learn how to do a standing backflip? Determination, correct form and practice are needed to learn how to do a standing backflip. The standing backflip is featured in gymnastic and ice skating routines. Dance competitions also feature standing backflips and add some difficulty to the moves. in addition, a standing backflip can be added to stunts and self defense moves to add speed and an element of surprise. Wrestlers often use a standing backflip when performing moves like

To do a standing backflip you will need:

  • a good pair of sneakers
  • a mat
  1. Stand straight with your hands in the air. Your body should not be slouched because it is important to have good form when doing a standing backflip.
  2. Bend your backside as if you are getting ready to sit in a chair. Swing your arms toward your face as you lower your body down.
  3. Attempt to bring your knees to your face. Use some force and imagine that you are descending into the air as you attempt to bring your knees up and feet off the ground. This may take practice but just keep trying until you can get high enough for this technique.
  4. As you flip, keep your knees tucked in towards your stomach. This will help give you height as you descend backwards.
  5. Straighten your legs as you get close to the floor. Keep knees tucked in until you get close and then start to straighten you leg so that you make contact with the floor. This may take repetitions until you perfect the landing.


  • Use a mat when you begin practicing so that you avoid injury if you do not land properly. This move may take practice and you want to minimize injuries.


  • Make sure that the standing backflip is performed properly to avoid hurting your back. If you have previous back problems just avoid this move as it can cause stress to the back and is not what the body is used to.

Individuals interested in doing a standing backflip must perfect these steps to master the proper techniques. Practice, determination and believing in your abilities will help you successfully perform a standing backflip.

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