How To Do A Stoppie On A BMX Bike

Learning how to do a stoppie on a BMX bike is a basic trick. A stoppie is more than likely going to be one of the first tricks in your regiment. Although, a stoppie does take skill and BMX bike management, it really is something that even a novice can pick up on if they are careful. The stoppie will help you learn BMX bike control and body positioning, and can be used with front brakes or your foot. This article will look at the harder of the two and take the stoppie with the foot instead of the brakes. Check out the detailed process below to better understand what it takes to pull of a stoppie.

How to stoppie on a BMX bike:

  1. Warm up your muscles and the BMX bike. Take to your favorite location and take a few rounds. The stoppie is simple but you still need to be in the right state of mind.
  2. When ready, stand up and give one peddle. There is no need for speed for this trick. Use the lead foot and place it on the tire just below the BMX bike neck. Lean slightly forward.
  3. This will cause the bike to stop abruptly. The rear tire will come off the ground and you will be balancing on your front tire. Motion stops and when momentum ends the BMX bike will fall back on the rear tire.  

Tip: always wear your gear. Even a simple trick can be disastrous if you are not vigilant.

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