How Do The Straps Work On The CFP-90 Backpack?

How do the straps work on the CFP-90 backpack? It can appear a daunting task when you first look at the CFP-90. There are straps and pouches everywhere and the straps generally used on CFP-90 style rucksacks are different from civilian backpacks. The first thing you should know before you dive into the task of figuring out the straps is know that every strap on the CFP-90 has a specific purpose.

How the straps work on the CFP-90 is actually pretty clever. The majority of the straps go over specific pouches. The side pouches have two straps. They can be tightened down to hold your gear more securely in the side pouches and bring in the sides of your rucksack so it doesn't create such a large profile. The two straps on the "buttpack," the pouch on the lower portion of your rucksack, share the same purpose. They tighten down to secure your gear better in the pouch and also create a smaller profile, like the other straps. The two big straps that run vertically from the main, top pouch secure the top and allow you to load the pack all the way to the top and still have plenty of slack in your straps to secure the top flap. The flaps on the front of the backpack underneath the main flap and in between the big side pouches allow you to add additional pouches with the Alice and Molle system now being used in the United States military. If those big pouches on the side and bottom aren't enough for you, you can add some more to the middle to hold everything you need for your next weekend trek on your favorite trail. Hopefully this article will make figuring out all the straps and pouches on the CFP-90 a less daunting task. Once you figure them all out, you'll realize how useful they really are!

There is a lot of interesting history attached to the CFP-90 and other rucksacks and haversacks issued in the United States Army throughout the years.

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