How To Do Street Basketball Tricks

So you're going to play basketball and you want to know how to do street basketball tricks to wow the crowd? There are a few street basketball tricks that you can learn very easily. Really, to do street basketball tricks, all you need is practice, patience and, of course, skill. If you have the basic skills to be able to fit in, and you can dribble, there are a few basketball tricks you can learn quick to put on a bit of a show. We're going to use a "weak-side/strong-side" system, in place of "left-hand/right-hand." If you are right-handed, then, obviously that is your strong side, and your left-hand would be your weak-side, and vice-versa.

To do street basketball tricks, you will need:

  • A basketball
  • Shoes with good treads and ankle support
  • Half-decent dribble skills
  • A partner to practice on
  1. Attacking the foot is a big crossover move which involves leaving the defender defenseless. This street basketball trick is not too fancy, but it likely will turn your defender around a bit while getting a few oohs and aahs. With the ball in your strong side hand, dash towards your strong side, with a view to landing your weak side foot just outside of the defender's opposite leg. So if you are the defender, the ball handler should dash to your weak side, landing his weak foot directly next to your weak foot, leaving you no room to shuffle your feet. As soon as the defender makes his move to follow you, you cross the basketball back over to your weak side, and dash in that direction.
  2. The Red Sea is a little more ambitious. With practice, however, it will become easier. It's meant to split a double team, a zone defense, or to assist your (ill-advised) dash into the lane. Either way, this street basketball trick is going to require a shot or pass afterwards, because most likely you won't be able to dribble. Practice, with your strong hand, wrapping the basketball behind your back, dribbling the ball through your legs from behind you. Keep doing that until you've gotten comfortable with it. In a game situation, when faced with two defenders converging on you, you can split their defense by dashing between them, wrapping the basketball behind your back with your strong hand. The defender on the opposite side may jump in anticipation of the ball appearing on his side. Little does he know, the ball isn't coming all the way over there, it's going through your legs.
  3. The Teleporter is a bit more difficult of a basketball trick, but if you execute this right, it will work almost every time. This crossover involves two moves combined. The "in-and-out" and the "behind-the-back dribble." Begin a dash, with the basketball in your strong hand, to your weak side as if you are going to sprint that direction. Pull the ball back, dribbling it through the inside of your strong leg, back out to your strong hand behind you. Continue to practice that until you get it smooth. Once you've mastered that, you simply dribble the ball completely behind your back to your weak hand, sprinting to your weak side. When you combine these two moves together in one solid, fluid, motion, it will baffle the defender. What he will see is the ball handler making a move towards his strong side, but then dribbling the ball through his legs in what appears to be an in-and-out crossover. However, if you get it down smooth he will never see the ball reappear on the strong side again, instead it will pop out the weak side and the ball handler will be long gone, leaving the defender on a extensive Easter egg hunt for his ankles afterward.

The key to these street basketball tricks is deception. Practice getting these moves as smooth as possible, with each change in the move selling one direction or the other, until finally sprinting in the desired direction. Make sure you use these tricks judiciously. Once you've mastered the moves, they will be very effective; however, if you use them one too many times, the defender will figure you out.

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