How To Do Super Hops

You want to learn how to do super hops because you got that bboy busting to breakdance in you. Awesome! Hand hops are also called rabbits, but make no mistake about it, this isn’t the bunny hop. You must be strong, fit and manly to cut this groove. One single requirement, you must be able to do a handstand with both hands then a one-handed stand before you can even attempt this breakdance move. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you land flat on your head.

  1. Stand on one hand. Spread out your hand for your fingertips will need to clench the floor. Keep eyes on hand at all times as not to lose balance while breakdancing.
  2. Upside down bent slightly inverted. Once you’re standing on one hand, your body should bend slightly onto itself in an inverted arc toward your hand. This will help balance your body over your arm. Keep that arm stretched out at all times while hand hopping breakdancing.
  3. Pump you legs upward. This will cause your hand to literally hop off the floor. The greater the pump, the greater the lift off the floor and ability to turn in a circle. That’s a super hop to the max, take that to the bank!

Make no mistake this is a strong man’s dance move. Don’t attempt this breakdance super hand hop if you don’t have upper body strength in your shoulder muscles and triceps. Remember to breathe while pumping your legs. The more you practice the greater your balance which will allow you to grab a leg with your free hand and show off to your friends that you got some serious breakdancing game!

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