How To Do A System Restore On Toshiba Computers

If your Toshiba computer has become slow or corrupted, you should learn how to do a system restore on it. All Toshiba computers use WIndows operating systems, and system restore is a Windows repair tool that allows you to return your computer to an earlier state when it was functioning properly. System restore points are created whenever your Windows operating system updates itself or you install a major software or hardware upgrade on your own. Even without making changes to your computer, you can create a system restore point any time you want. Restoring your computer to a previous configuration will not affect your data files, only system files, so that the new spreadsheet you have created since the last Windows update will be safe should you choose to restore.

How To Do a System Restore On Toshiba Computers

  1. Click the "Start" button usually located in the lower left corner of your Windows desktop.
  2. Type "System Restore" in the search bar that arises after you have clicked on "Start."
  3. Choose the "System Restore" option that comes up toward the top of the start menu.
  4. Allow time for the system restore program to startup; it usually takes a few seconds.
  5. Choose the "Recommended Restore" if you want to restore your computer to its state before the most recent update.
  6. Choose a "different restore point" if you want to choose to go back to before an older update.
  7. Click "Next" when you have chosen the restore point to which you want your Toshiba to revert.
  8. Click "Finish" when you are ready to restore your computer. Windows will warn you that once the restore process has started, it cannot be reversed. Choose "Yes" if you are ready to proceed.



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