How To Do A Tailwhip On A BMX

Learning how to do a tailwhip on a BMX bike is allot of fun. Tailwhip on a BMX bike is one of the first major tricks you will ever do. The tailwhip is a kick ass trick and one of the most popular. Learning how to tailwhip on a BMX bike is fun and requires a high level of skill. It is not that a tailwhip is impossible, it just takes a great amount of bike management. This article will tell you the mechanics of a tailwhip. The directions below detail the process to make a BMX tailwhip a reality. Read on and learn how you to can do a tailwhip on a BMX bike.

How to do a tailwhip on a BMX bike:

Things you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • BMX biking gear
  • Ramp
  • Advanced skill level


  • Always wear your protective gear.
  1. Strap on your gear and get ready for some good times. Ride around for a few minutes to get yourself psyched. Always remember, no matter the trick, you always need to be careful.
  2. Ride forward at a moderate speed. Roll in a straight line; do not weave back and forth. Keep it steady and on track. Stand up on the bike and stop peddling as you approach the ramp.
  3. Kick the bike with your back foot, just as you go airborne. The BMX bike will spin. Be sure to stay over the bike and your arms should only be used to hold the handlebars.
  4. List your foot up so the bike can spin beneath you. Stop the BMX bike’s rotation with your front foot. Plant your rear foot down on the peddle immediately. Land and stick it.



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