How Do They Check The Pressure In Your Urethra?

Men often ask how do they check the pressure in your urethra? Men usually have their urethra checked when there is an enlarged prostate or when you have urinary incontinence. Enlarged prostate can happen as men age. When the prostate enlarges it squeezes the urethra, which in turn affects the flow of the urinary stream. Just because you have a problem urinating does not always mean a blockage. Nerve problems can also cause problems too.

Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis and having diabetes for many years can cause enlarged prostate in men. Your doctor will be able to take your medical history and run a few tests that will tell him or her what is really going on with you. In time, all men will have to have this test done especially as they age. Age plays a factor in the health of many men and there is nothing you can do but have the required testing done to find and solve the problem. Listed below you will find out how the urethra is checked for pressure.

A small tube called a catheter is inserted into the urethra and into the bladder, which will be filled with water or gas. A smaller tube will be inserted into your rectum. This will measure pressure on your bladder when coughing or straining. That is all there is to checking the pressure in your urethra. It sounds simple enough and it is. Once men hit age forty they will need to have their prostate checked regularly if they suspect and problems. If you have any questions or concerns always talk to your doctor first.



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