How To Do UFOs

You like things difficult, and learning how to do UFOs is just that: difficult. Breakdancing is a progressive and extremely aggressive form of dance. B-boys are always on the lookout for a move that not only one-ups their opponents, but can shock and awe the onlookers as well. Because of the nature of breakdancing, the maneuvers just continue to become more and more creative, which makes them more and more difficult. With greater difficulty comes a greater danger in performing said moves. With that being said, lets introduce you to the UFO. UFOs have to be one of the most difficult balancing acts to try to master. You will fail repeatedly. There's also a solid chance that you'll injure something. If you're still reading, then you're still interested. Here are some tips to help you pull off one of the hardest maneuvers in breakdancing: the UFO.

  1. Safety first. Do not, we repeat, do not attempt this move on concrete. Hell, you may want to have a cluster of pillows and soft objects to fall on. Seriously. The UFO move requires that you balance all of your weight on your arms. Unlike the the Turtle, your arms will be at full extension. So you won't have your upper arms to assist you in balancing.
  2. For UFOs, your arms will take all of your body weight. You'll be applying extreme pressure on both your shoulders and arms. You need a great deal of strength to even attempt a UFO. You need even more strength to balance. Just imagine how toned a b-boy is that can walk on his extended arms and hands.
  3. Start out with a Turtle. The easiest way to get you off the ground is to start in a position similar to the Turtle. The Turtle is the move that has you use your upper arms and elbows for body support and balance. The elbows are facing each other forming a V-shape near the waist and hips. You then balance your weight on the upper arms. You also use your legs to help in balance. Learn the Turtle before you go any further. If you do not, there's no chance of pulling off an easier form of the UFO.
  4. Once you've figured out how to balance in the Turtle position, you can attempt to push up on your arms. Your palms should be on the floor and your fingers spread. Separate your torso from the upper arms that it was previously resting on. You'll have to shift your weight slightly forward in order for your shoulders to take up the task of balancing you. Remember, just like in the Turtle position, UFOs need your legs to act as balancing tools. Keep them pulled close to your torso. You'll see that the higher you lift, the higher your butt will need to raise and shift forward. Your legs will be essentially like the wings that keep you balanced on both sides. You won't be able to fully extend on your first attempt. You'll have to work up to that. It'll take a lot of time, a lot of practice and a lot of falling. For you, UFO will stand for  Ugly Falling Object. Because, until you get used to the strength and concentration needed to pull the move off, you'll be hitting the ground a lot. It will be ugly.
  5. With the proper dedication and work, doing cool UFOs are definitely possible. It's important to gradually improve and master the balancing of the move. Once you've got that down, then you can practice walking and pulling off crazy spins.
  6. As with all breakdancing moves, the UFO only looks cool if you can string it into an entire routine. You have to be able to effortlessly move from one crazy maneuver to the next. Like all sports—and breakdancing is a sport—practice and conditioning are the only ways to improve. Good luck!
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