How Do Veterinary Opthalmologists Remove A Rabbit’s Eye

How do Veterinary ophthalmologists remove rabbit’s eyes? They do it by removing the eye carefully from the socket and sewing up the socket.  Often injuries and illness can injure rabbit’s eyes so deeply and cause so much pain that the only humane thing, is to remove the entire eye.  Extreme injuries to eyes can be so painful that your rabbit’s quality of life will continue to suffer without removal.  Sometimes the ability to save the eye can be too costly or too extreme to even consider saving it.

  1. Evaluate the cost and risks associated with the procedure. It is called enucleation. Most rabbit’s can have perfectly normal lives after the removal of their eye. They can learn to function and get around just fine afterwards. Visit online forums to discuss it with other pet owners.
  2. After you’ve decided to have your rabbit’s eye removed you will need to schedule the surgery. It is an all day procedure and requires general anesthesia. Your vet will give you pre-operative instructions that you should follow.
  3. Your rabbit will get pre-medicated with a sedative and then given general anesthesia. The eye area will be prepped and cleaned for surgery. The entire eye area will be shaved.
  4. The veterinary ophthalmologist will then remove the eyeball and cut the optic nerve. All of the tissue will be removed. Your rabbit will then have his eyelid permanently sutured shut. 
  5. After waking up from anesthesia your rabbit might be disoriented and confined to a small cage. This will help your rabbit to recover from the anesthesia.
  6. Your veterinary ophthalmologist will give you discharge instructions and send you home. Your rabbit may have to wear a funny cone while he/she recovers from surgery. This is to prevent any scratching to this very sensitive area.
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