How To Do Vintage Hairstyles

How to do vintage hairstyles depends on what you consider vintage. A western vintage look from the early 1800s will have you sporting long flowing locks while a more modern vintage look could have you slicking back your hair into a shiny wet look.  The following is a quick overview of vintage hairstyles that will give you an idea of what you are in for if you decide to play a character piece, or just want a new, old, style.

To create a vintage hairstyle you wil need;

  • comb
  • styling gel or pomade
  • hair spray
  • blow dryer


  1. Create a pompadour. This is a classic vintage look that can will look slightly different depending on the length of your hair. Seen on Elvis Presley, James Dean and Frank Sinatra and many other celebrities from the the past and present, all with their own twist on the style. 
  2. Brush the hair straight up and back. Use gel to hold the sides in place, this gave the greasers their nickname. The length of your hair on the sides will determine how much gel or pomade you need to hold in place. 
  3. Cut sides short. If you do not like the wet look of slicked back sides, consider cutting the sides short. Leave the top of the hair long. The back can also be left with a little length.
  4. Create the pompadour by putting a little bit of styling gel on the palm of your hands and form the twisted pompadour. This can be as elaborate you like, twist, flip and twirl around your fingers to get a nice wave.
  5. Bend your head down and blow dry. This will set the vintage hairstyle and give it the height that you desire. 
  6. Finish with hair spray to give it a firm hold. After spraying you can tousle the top slightly to give it a
  7. Part your hair on the far right or far left and slick back for another vintage hair style. This look can be a little harsh, and depending on your features may not be flattering. Unless of course you are attempting a McFly impersonation. A tousled pompadour may fit into daily society easier. 
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