How To Do Water Aerobic Exercises

Learn how to do water aerobic exercises the correct way. Aerobic water exercises are performed by an instructor in a pool or supervised swimming area. Water Aerobic exercises may be done to music as in dancing or to an instructor’s voice instructions. It is the use of bodily movements and dance steps performed in the water. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner these steps may help you to learn more.

In Order to do water aerobic exercises you will need:

  • A place to practice or learn
  • The right equipment
  • Endurance and strength training
  • A healthy body


  1. Find a Place to Begin. It is best when learning water aerobics to find a licensed class with a qualified instructor opposed to trying this on your own.  Emergencies happen everyday and it is better to be in a supervised group.
  2. Having the Right Equipment. Make sure you have a swimming suit that supports your body, not one that will fall off with the first big wave. Water web shoes are also important so to protect you from slipping or falling. Also consider a swimming cap and goggles to keep your hair out of your eyes and face.
  3. Flotation Devices. Most classes will introduce the water aerobics exercise with some kind of flotation device. An added protection for deep water exercises is to wear a waist flotation device for protection.
  4. Start in Shallow Water. Start in water that is waist to chest deep. For any water aerobics done in deep water, a flotation device would be used. Water Aerobics main purpose is to reduce the risk of joint and muscle injury and thus supports the body through gravitation which places less stress on the joints when stretching.
  5. Length of Classes. It is advised to exercise for at least 20 minutes and 30 minutes is ideal to lose 300 calories. Most classes will be longer, but you should build up gradually not jump into an hour session and over tire yourself from the first day.
  6. Warm Up Exercises. Like in any exercise, you must warm up before beginning water aerobics exercises. Some simple warm up exercises are walking around the pool or some jumping jacks for at least six to eight minutes before you begin your regular class.
  7. Learn the Basics. There are many basic type exercises such as back flotation, lunging with your feet, rolling your arms in circles and prone (face down flotation). Doing the exercises correctly means following your instructors commands. These basic exercises are the beginning, but are also the most important part of your training for a healthier body.
  8. Dancing With the Crowd. Dancing in the water is a popular water aerobics exercise and easily to do. Dancing to the oldies or to Richard Simmons seems to be the most popular. The ideal is to move and to be free. Happiness drives you to come back for more.
  9. Bored With Your Simple Routine? When you grow tired of the simple routines in these programmed classes, try adding some ankle weights to lose more calories. This should only be done once you have advanced in your routine as the weights will tire you more.

Water aerobics exercises are fun and exciting to be splashing around in the water and after a few days you will feel the pressure on your body and become tired. The benefits out weigh the disadvantages and it is a fun way to exercise and lose weight at the same time. It is always best to take the advice of your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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