How To Do Well At A Restaurant Job Interview

Need to know how to do well at a restaurant job interview? Whether you plan to apply for a position as a cashier, a server or a chef, making a good impression is a vital part of doing well at a restaurant job interview. If you make a good impression on the interviewer, he is more likely to remember you and recommend you for the job.

  1. Dress professionally for the job interview. Even if you are only applying for a position at the local diner, dressing professionally shows the interviewer that you take the restaurant job interview seriously and will likely take the job seriously as well.
  2. Bring a resume to your restaurant job interview. Many restaurants don’t require prospective employees to provide a resume, but doing so works in your favor. You can go into greater detail in your resume about your previous work experience and responsibilities than you can on a job application. In addition, bringing a resume sets you apart from your competition, who are unlikely to provide a resume to the interviewer without being asked.
  3. Make eye contact with the interviewer and smile during the job interview. Making eye contact and smiling makes you more likeable and makes the interviewer more comfortable. Interviewers are more likely to recommend open and friendly candidates than candidates who were withdrawn during their job interviews. If you apply for a job as a server, showing the interviewer your friendly side is a must since the individual needs to see that you can interact well with customers.
  4. Mention the traits you possess that make you perfect for a job at the restaurant. Perhaps you have an excellent memory for orders or your passion for cooking makes you a great chef. Express to the interviewer why you are the ideal candidate. Don’t attempt to be humble at a restaurant job interview. The purpose of the interview is for you to showcase your talents, so do so!
  5. Take out piercings and hide tattoos prior to your restaurant job interview. There is no shame in freedom of expression, but a job interview isn’t the best time to display your body art. Ask about the restaurant’s policies on body piercings and tattoos after you get the job.
  6. Ask a friend or relative to help you practice for the restaurant job interview by asking you random interview questions. This allows you to mentally prepare for what the job interview will be like and plan your answers to common interview questions. The more practice you get, the more polished you will be when the actual interview day arrives.


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