How To Do Wheelies On A BMX Bike

When riding on two wheels gets too easy, learn how to do wheelies on a BMX bike. A wheely is when a bike rider temporarily goes from riding on two wheels to riding on one. If you are tired of watching other people do the trick, you have come to the right place. This article seeks to explain the BMX wheelie in the most easy to understand terms. Doing this trick only requires the BMX you already have and normal BMX clothes. Go get your bike and come back for the following instructions.

  1. Find a large enough flat area. This may be best to practice in an alley or road with very little traffic, such as in front of your home.
  2. To get the front wheel off the ground, simply pull up on the handle bars. This is how you get to being on one wheel. To do it correctly you will need to be moving, slowly at least.
  3. Pedal hard to initiate the wheely. At the same time as pulling up on the handle bars, pedal one hard rotation. This causes enough torque to pull the front wheel off the ground. Congratulations you have now done a wheely.
  4. If you want to keep the wheely going, practice daily. To keep the wheely going you have to ride your bike in this stance, with just the right balance and speed. The longer you want to do a wheely, the longer you will have to practice due to the difficulty.
  5. To keep the front wheel from touching, pedal harder. To keep from flipping over slow your pedaling before its too late.
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