How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

While setting up a music system based on wireless amplification one should know how do wireless speakers work. Wireless speakers are a good alternative for wire attached speakers. Wireless speakers are hassle free and look much neater.

Initially developed speakers were monophonic and stereophonic in sound. This depended on the number of channels that were used to amplify sound. Later a five channel system was developed by Walt Disney which made sound appear to come from all around. This was called “Surround Sound”. With advances in speaker technology, portability was also considered. This idea gave birth to wireless speaker systems.

Recoton was the first company to develop a functional wireless speaker system. Wireless speakers work on the principle of radios and television. The basic purpose is to change an electrical charge into an acoustic signal. There is a signal conducting device called a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends off signals to the receiver. These signals are obtained by a source to which the transmitter is attached. Wireless speakers are capable of transmitting signals through doors, walls and ceilings.

Wireless speakers use two kinds of transmission media. These are RF or radio frequency signals and IR or infrared signals. Wireless speakers based on RF use radio frequency waves to send signals. These are more reliable and can work fine with solid hindrance.

In cases where reception is weakened extra devices called radio frequency repeaters are used. Radio frequency repeaters resend the signals, making them accessible for the receiver. Infrared wireless speakers can only be used to cover a small area. Their range is limited and line of sight needs to be established. Infrared signals only pass through transparent media which affects their working.

Wireless speakers have made setting up music systems easy and hassle free. Wireless speakers work fine with music apparatus but the basic disadvantage is a factor called interference. This is when the signal breaks up and reception is obstructed. Certain other aerial signals, like those of a cordless phone affect the reception.


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