How To Do The Worm

The Worm is one of the most popular break dancing moves you will ever see. It is easy to do. With a little practice and a good '80s song, you can worm your way into the hearts of watchers on the sidelines of the dance floor.

To do the Worm, you will need:

  • Enough room to move forward several feet
  • A flexible body
  1. Lie flat on the ground with your palms near your head on the floor and your elbows near your sides.
  2. Have your toes propped up on the floor with your feet close together.
  3. Using your toes, pick up your feet, legs and hips in a fluid motion.
  4. Follow through with lifting your body as your feet and legs go back down to the floor.
  5. Lift up the top half of your body with your hands, palms down.
  6. Lift up your head as your body arcs to the top of your torso.
  7. Fall back down into the flat on the floor position.
  8. Repeat these steps over and over as you move across the room or dance floor. Do the worm to the beat of the rhythm of the song playing in the club you are in, or in your own living room.

The most important thing is to have plenty of room to move forward. Be careful not to hurt your back or head while doing the Worm. You can use other break dancing moves to go into the Worm or out of the Worm, but remember to keep in the rhythm to have the full effect of the motion of the Worm.

Need a visual? Google "doing the worm" and you'll any number of video examples.

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