How to Do a Wrist Shot in Ice Hockey

Learning how to do a wrist shot in hockey will allow you to perform arguably the most effective shot in the game.  As a quickly released shot, it is also the most accurate type of shot in hockey.  It is a shot that can become powerful with the proper form and upper body strength.

  1. Begin with the proper grip.  Utilizing proper grip on the stick, you will want to move your lower hand about halfway down the shaft of the stick.  This will add power to the shot. 
  2. Prepare to do the wrist shot.  At a 45 degree angle to the net, place weight on your back leg.  As you reach down with the puck on your stick, position the puck so that it is in the middle of the blade.  Rotate your wrists so that the blade is tilted over the puck.
  3. Release the puck.  Sweep your stick with the weight on your front foot.  Push forward with your lower hand while pulling back with your top hand.  At the point when you release the puck, twist your wrists so that the blade turns, causing the puck to be lifted.
  4. Follow through.  You must follow through on your shot by pointing the toe of your stick toward the target.  How high your follow through is and how much you rotate your stick will determine the height of the shot.
  5. Practice.  Make sure you practice the speed, power, and accuracy of the shot.  In time you will be able to develop its potency, and learn advanced techniques for the wrist shot.
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