How Do You Adjust A Seiko Watch Band?

How do you adjust a Seiko watch band, you ask? There are various types of watchbands that Seiko puts on their watches. There are rubber straps, leather straps and metal bracelets. Leather straps and nylon straps are fairly self explanatory, so we will concern ourselves with metal bracelet watches. Some metal bracelet watches have micro adjustments and some do not. Those that do not will need to have a link removed from the bracelet to be adjusted. That is for another article. We will concern ourselves with those watches which have adjustment on the clasps. There are many types of clasps that Seiko puts on its watches, but many of them have one feature in common. Many of them have pin adjustment features, such as used in the fold over type clasp, which is one of the most popular features. These are the bands in particular which we will discuss.

Things you'll need:

  • Spring bar tool or fine pin punch
  • Metal bracelet Seiko watch
  1. Lay watch on side and inspect the clasp. Along the edge of the clasp you will see a series of small holes. In the two opposite ends of the clasp, the ends of the bracelet will be pinned in place. The pins that are used are called spring bars. They are spring-loaded pins, so care will need to be used because they fly off in a hurry.
  2. Pick the end to adjust. Under normal circumstances you will want to adjust from the bracelet side if it is a fold over clasp. Normally, you will leave the fold over piece in the holes it is in.
  3. Move the first spring bar side. Use the spring bar tool to move the pin to the next hole in the clasp. Doing it one hole at a time is best. The easiest way to do this is one side of the clasp at a time. Push in the end of the spring bar until you can move the bracelet end. Slide it ever so carefully, making sure not to get the end of the spring bar to the edge of the clasp. If you do, it can and will fly off into the hemisphere. Don't worry, everyone does this one time. One time is usually enough to become very careful. If you lose a spring bar you can buy them from a local jeweler. Move it until it clicks into the next hole.
  4. Move the second side of the spring bar. Turn over the watch and use the spring bar to push in the second side of the spring bar. Move it slowly back until it clicks in the hole corresponding to the other side.
  5. Try on watch for fit. Slip the watch on and clasp it. Is it the right fit? If so, you are done. If not go back and repeat the procedure. If you have run out of adjustment holes and the watch is still too loose you will need to remove a link or two.

Congratulations, you have successfully adjusted your Seiko watch. Hopefully you did so without losing a spring bar along the way, but we all do that at least one time.

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