How Do You Adjust Volume On An iPod Nano

Knowing how to adjust the volume on an iPod Nano is one key to preserving your hearing.  Sure, you want to hear every beat, but you want to be able to hear Publisher's Clearinghouse when they knock at your door.  Adjusting the volume on your iPod Nano is an easy task to perform.

  1. To adjust the volume on an iPod Nano, you should first set your maximum volume level.  In order to set the maximum volume settings on your iPod Nano, go to "Settings" then "Volume Limit".  Here you can use the "Click Wheel" to select the maximum volume level.  Once you have the desired level set, click the "Center" button to save your changes.  Now you are ready to adjust the volume on your iPod Nano.
  2. The next step is to actually adjust the volume on the iPod Nano.  If you are currently listening to a song and are on the "Now Playing" screen, simply use the "Click Wheel" to adjust the volume.  The highest you will be able to turn the volume up is dependent upon your maximum volume settings.  If you need to adjust it, simply go back into your "Settings" for the volume.
  3. If the "Now Playing" screen is not showing, you will have to take an additional step to adjust your volume.  By going to your main menu and selecting "Now Playing", you can turn the volume up or down.

Remember, the audio of the songs on your iPod Nano will naturally vary because of varying levels when the songs are recorded.  The volume level on your iPod Nano can also be affected by the headphones you use as well.  

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