How Do You Attach The Security Leash To Pedometer?

Want to know how to attach the security leash to a pedometer? You understand that attaching a strap or leash to your pedometer can prevent you from losing one of your favorite–often expensive–exercise tracking aids, but instructions for those leashes and straps are either non-existent or leave a lot to be desired! During a busy work day or a strenuous outdoor walk, many people unknowingly lose a pedometer when the device is simply clipped to a belt or tucked inside a pocket. Clips may break or loosen or the pedometer can fall to the ground without being noticed during activities, making it difficult to locate later in the day or outdoors after a nature hike. Adding an inexpensive safety leash or security strap to your pedometer offers a little extra security in keeping the device firmly attached and preventing loss or damage to the unit.

Items needed:

  • Pedometer
  • Safety leash with clip
  1. Locate the safety leash attachment point on your pedometer. Most pedometers are designed with a hole or hook designated for a safety strap attachment. Some models come with an attachment for your convenience, while others require you purchase your own safety leash for added loss protection. Depending on the model and style of your pedometer, the hole for a security strap or leash may be on the body of the pedometer itself or as a hook on the casing or the pedometer holder. The hole or hook for the safety strap attachment will be small. If you cannot find it by a visual inspection, check your pedometer’s manual.  
  2. Attach one end of the safety leash directly to the pedometer. One end of the safety leash will be shorter and generally narrower in size than the other. Use the shorter, smaller “end” of the leash to attach the leash directly to the pedometer. Simply insert the smaller loop through the pedometer attachment point and secure by tightly pulling the long end through the short loop that you have inserted through the pedometer attachment point.
  3. Attach the pedometer as directed by the pedometer manufacturer. Some pedometers are intended to be carried in your pocket. If that’s the case, simply attach your safety leash clip to your waistband, belt or a belt loop for added security while you carry the device in your pocket as directed. If your pedometer requires that it be firmly attached to your pocket or waist area by its own clip, do so, but attach your safety leash to a second, secure area of your clothing as well in case your pedometer loosens or the clip breaks.
  4. Check both your pedometer clip and safety leash clips, straps and attachments frequently for signs of wear or damage. While it is important to buy quality equipment, even expensive pedometer safety leashes and pedometer straps suffer from wear and tear. To ensure that you are protecting your pedometer, check you leash attachment points as well as your pedometer clip frequently for signs of weakness, such as fraying straps or bent or loose clips.
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