How Do You Beat Mr Ingo At A Horse Race On Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Not knowing how to beat Mr. Ingo at a horse race in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can lead to a long stretch of gamer frustration. Once you've got him beat however, Epona is yours, and horseback travel lets you get around Hyrule at a much more respectable pace.

You will need:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Save file that has access to Link's older self
  • At least 50 rupees
  1. Pay Ingo for a ride. You need to be Adult Link for this. He's lounging around Lon Lon Ranch during the day. Just pay him what he asks and get into the corral. Tip: Make sure you have plenty of rupees before going to the ranch. A couple losses to Ingo really dents your wallet.
  2. Call Epona. While you're inside the corral, play Epona's Song on your ocarina to call Epona to you. If you talk to Ingo while riding Epona, he'll challenge you to a race.
  3. Beat the first horse race. This one isn't too bad, and it's a good chance to practice your technique for the second race. Keep to the inside, and you should only need a couple carrots to come out ahead.
  4. Accept Ingo's second challenge. This race is much harder, and you'll have to be pretty spot on to win Epona.
  5. Use carrots constantly. Use what you have, but not fast enough to drain your meter. Keep the bar at two or three carrots. Don't panic and use too many carrots at once. After each use, you accelerate for a moment, so make sure you stop accelerating before using another carrot. Tip: A few carrots in a row right at the start should get you in the lead.
  6. Keep to the inside of the track. Cut as close to the corners of the fence as you can. If you're behind, use the turns to dash in front of Ingo, if you're ahead, steer in front of him so he can't pass you. Even if you start to slow,  block Ingo's progress and you'll keep the lead. Ingo will make a mad dash right at the end, so be ready to block him or spend a few extra carrots. 

After you beat Mr. Ingo, he has a couple more tricks to play on you, but Epona is yours for the rest of The Ocarina of Time. You can call her anywhere in Hyrule field by playing Epona's Song. 

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