How Do You Become A Certified Electrician In Georgia

How do you become a certified electrician in Georgia? Well, if you want to operate an electrician business in the state of Georgia you have to be certified by the state of Georgia Professional Licensing Board. Note: if you just work for an electrical company you do not need to be certified in the state of Georgia but you may decide to get your certification anyway. Either way, you will be furnishing, repairing and installing wiring in businesses and homes. The average salary in 2007 was $48,100 according to, which is about $23.00 an hour.

  1. Begin your career as a certified electrician in Georgia by studying and researching the electrician duties and educational requirements by the state of Georgia. As an electrician in the state of Georgia, you will be reading blue prints to locate circuits, outlets and electrical panels. Obtain a high school diploma or at least a GED and prepare yourself for on-the-job training or an electrical training program to help you get certified by the state of Georgia. Keep in mind that the higher your educational level the greater your chances are of becoming certified.
  2. Try to get experience by volunteering to work for an electrical company in your area. Enter a vocational or a technical school and pass all the required courses to help you become certified as an electrician in the state of Georgia. Find an apprenticeship program in the state of Georgia to enter and they typically take about four years to complete, which is about 2,000 hours on the job with an experienced certified electrician.
  3. Pass an electrical examination to get a license and certification in the state of Georgia. “To qualify for the electrical contractor exam you need four years of Division-approved experience in electrical work. You can use up to two years of Division-approved education for one year of the four. For the Class II exam you need experience installing systems that are greater than single phase, 200 amperes.” Pass the exam and you are a certified electrician in Georgia.


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