How Do You Break In A New Sportbike

If you recently bought a sportbike, you may be wondering about how do you break in a new sportbike. One of the most critical parts of the engine building process of your new bike is precisely how you break it in. Many people believe you should break your bike in easy. Manufacturers, for one, tell you to break your bike in this way. This, however, is the wrong thing to do with your new sportbike.

Things You Will Need:

  • Gas
  • Your new sportbike
  • The open road
  1. You have twenty miles to seat the rings of your bike. This is the most important part of breaking in your new sportbike. It is best for you to find a backroad that has little or no traffic to break in your bike.
  2. Do not take it easy on your new sportbike. Open the engine hard on second, third and fourth gears. Do this by accelerating fast and slowing down fast. This is why you want to be on an empty road. You do not want to have traffic in front of you or behind you. You also do not want police around when you accelerate your bike.
  3. Hard acceleration – This is the process of hard acceleration. Accelerate fast in second, third and fourth gears. It is important to do this on the straight portion of the road. Make sure you can handle the new sportbike in the hard acceleration. You want to seat the rings in your bike. You do not want to kill yourself.
  4. Hard Deceleration – You want to also break in your sportbike hard. This means to stop your bike fast and hard. You can do this by slowing down fast before you come into curves. Make sure there is not somebody behind you when you do hard deceleration with your new sportbike.
  5. Do the hard acceleration and hard deceleration for more than twenty miles. Your manual will tell you to break your new sportbike in easy. Your manual is wrong. If you break your bike in easy, you will not seat the rings of your bike. This will cause problems with your engine in the future. Your rings will leak. This is not a good thing.


Do not break your new bike in easy.

Be rough on your bike to seat the rings.

Be careful.

Ride on an empty road.

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