How Do You Change The Vehicle Names On Battlefield Vietnam?

It is natural to wonder how do you change the vehicle names in “Battlefield Vietnam?” Let us say you have an oddly named vehicle such as an Armored Personnel character, an F-4 Phantom, or an M-1 tank. These names are hard to remember. More sensible names like Bob, Joe, or Sue work for most people. Use the following steps to overcome the problems of difficult names and replace them with easier ones.

  1. Open Notepad. Click on “Start” button> Select ­“program files”> “Accessories” > “Notepad” to get there if you have been living in some alternate universe where Windows does not exist. Find the folder where “Battlefield Vietnam” stores its game information..
  2. Select the “Gameplayobjects.con” File. Look for the listings of the vehicle names for Battlefield Vietnam. If the vehicle name is something hard to remember like “US_Heavy_Mech” change it to something you can more easily remember like US_Bob_Dobbs.
  3. Enter “Battlefield Vietnam.” From The Desktop Menu Or The Load the game. When you find the vehicles, they will have the name you gave them. Remember that the new names for “Battlefield Vietnam” do not have to make sense at all.  You can even change a tank to an Conestoga wagon if you really want to.

You can use the same procedure for other games in the series. “Battlefield Vietnam” is only one game that you can use the vehicle naming trick in. Sadly, the “Call of Duty” games require different strategy for the user who wants to change the vehicle names. It probably still is possible.

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