How Do You Change Voicemail Greeting On A Nokia Cell Phone

There is a simple way to know how do you change voicemail greeting on a Nokia cell phone.  When first activated, Nokia cell phones come with a standard greeting which simply gives your callers your phone number and a brief message stating that you are not available. You are given an option, if you prefer, to personalize your voicemail greeting to your liking at any time by doing the following steps.

  1. Call your voicemail number.  Your voicemail greeting can be reached either by your calling from your Nokia phone itself, or from a landline phone.  To reach it by your Nokia Cell Phone, simply press and hold the voicemail key.  The phone will connect you by calling the correct phone number automatically.  To reach your voicemail settings by a landline phone, call your cell phone number and press star (*) once your message begins.  You will then be prompted to enter your passcode.
  2. Reach the Main Menu.  On some Nokia cell phones, you will have to listen to any unread voicemail messages if you have any.  Once they are either saved or deleted, you will be taken to the Main Menu.  You will be prompted of all the options available.
  3. Connect to Personal Options.  This is usually one of the last options given by the menu prompt.  Personal options allow you to perform administrative options as well as the method of editing your personal voicemail greetings.
  4. Select personal greetings.  You will be given the option of the personal greetings  you have available.  If you only have the standard greeting, it will play it for you and give you the option to delete or record a new greeting.  You may also return your voicemail greeting to the standard greeting at this point if you choose to do so in the future.
  5. Record your message.  You are given the prompt to record a new voicemail greeting.  After pressing the correct key, you are informed that you may start your greeting after a beep.  Once you have completed your message, hit the pound key (#) and the message will be played back to you.  You may re-record the greeting or elect to save it at this point.  You may record as often as you like until the greeting is acceptable.  Finally, you are taken back to the main menu and you can hang up.
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