How Do You Complete The Ritual In KOTOR On Kashyyyk

If you’re wondering how do you complete the ritual in KOTOR on Kashyyyk after reading the cryptic marker in the Shadowlands, the answer is fairly straightforward. After visiting the “mad Wookiee” Freyyr, who fills you in on the details of the quest, you’ll just need to entice the Ritual Beast out of its lair and kill it. Although the KOTOR quest is simple enough, it leads up to a light side/dark side decision that has a major effect on the entire planet.

  1. Find Freyyr. Look around the eastern part of Kashyyyk's Shadowlands for Zaalbar’s father Freyyr. You’ll have to fight him at first, but he’ll talk to you once you get his vitality down enough. Freyyr will tell you about the Bacca Ceremonial Blade, an ancient Wookiee artifact that now resides in the body of the Ritual Beast. He wants you to get the blade and bring it back to him.
  2. Reduce the Viper Kinrath population of Kashyyyk. Wander around the area close to where the ritual marker is. Kill a Viper Kinrath and loot the remains. You should be able to take the entire body with you. If not, keep killing them until you do find one that offers the remains as part of the loot. Kashyyyk offers plenty of opportunities to kill the giant spiders.
  3. Make a ghastly decoration. Head to the vine hanging near the ritual marker. Tie the Viper Kinrath body to it. This putrid piece of Shadowlands decor serves as an offering for the Ritual Beast, also known as a Terentatek. The massive creature lurks in the forests of Kashyyyk and on another KOTOR planet. 
  4. Destroy the Ritual Beast. Make sure you and your party members are fully equipped and ready to take on the Terentatek. Although it’s similar in size to a rancor and has poisonous claws, you can take it down pretty quickly with a combination of Force powers, lightsabers and other melee weapons. If you're really having trouble, go to the menu and switch your KOTOR difficulty level to Easy. 
  5. Collect your reward. Loot the Ritual Beast’s remains, which gives you the Bacca Ceremonial Blade. Take this back to Freyyr and decide if you want to give the blade to him so he can challenge and replace Chuundar as leader of Kashyyyk. Your other option is to kill Freyyr, keep the blade and side with Chuundar. Your decision will have an impact on the rest of the KOTOR game.
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