How Do You Convince Doctors You Have Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "How do you convince doctors you have chronic pain syndrome?" Being active in your care and treatment will ensure that you are heard and getting everything you need. Some doctors are weary of diagnosing chronic pain syndrome due to past experiences with patients who were not so honest. You can be your own advocate when dealing with chronic pain.

To convince doctors you have chronic pain syndrome, you will need:

  • A pain journal
  • A list of questions and medications
  1. Start a pain journal so you can take it to the doctor. Keep a record of your symptoms, when you have them and the severity of them. Keeping a pain scale can be helpful in relaying the severity of your pain, such as a scale of one to ten.
  2. Write down any questions or extra information you want to relay to the doctor. Having a list with you will ensure that you do not forget to tell the doctor any important information that may convince doctors you have chronic pain syndrome. You can also write down anything important that you want to remember.
  3. Visit the doctor and show him your pain journal. Explain all of the measures you have tried to relieve the pain on your own. You may want to bring a list of any medications or supplements you have tried. This will show the doctor you are being proactive and sincere about your chronic pain syndrome.
  4. Be willing to undergo any tests the doctor may ask of you. These tests could include X-rays, MRIs or blood work. Do not be offended if your doctor asks you to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Many mental illnesses can be the root cause of chronic pain syndrome. A psychiatric evaluation is standard in a chronic pain syndrome workup. Do not take the request as a personal insult.


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