How Do You Create Your Own Nike Shoes

For most people finding a decent pair of Nike’s in the size and color you want is a difficult task, but you can actually create your own Nike shoes online. Nike has a website called Nike ID where you can create your own Nike shoes. You will end up paying a little more for your shoes, but with Nike ID you get custom shoes!

You will need:

  • A debit card with money on it to purchase the shoes
  • A computer with internet
  • Nike ID web address:
  • Know your shoe size
  1. Have a representative at a shoe store measure your feet so you know what shoe size you are. This is very important since you are buying the shoes online and will not be able to try them on first. Also you show know whether or not you need a wide or regular width.
  2. It costs a little more to create your Nike shoes, so make sure you have at least $150 in the bank or on a prepaid debit card to purchase them. The $150 should cover the cost for the shoes and any shipping charges.
  3. Log on to You will first end up on a splash page, locate your language and select it. Then you will have to select your continent/country. From there you will be on your area’s homepage. Select whether you are going to create men’s or women’s shoes.
  4. You will now have many different options as to what kind of shoe you are looking for. They have a large selection of running shoes, Nike Shox, Cleats, Canvas, Nike Dunk, and many more. Once you made up your mind and clicked on the type of shoe you are looking for it will bring you to all of the different styles associated with that shoe.
  5. Select the style shoe you would like to have. You will then be brought to that shoe’s page where you get to customize it. There is an option that you can click on to start with a blank shoe and design your own custom colors. To change the color of a certain part of the shoe, just click on it and you will be given a combination of colors to use.
  6. After you select the colors to use in your custom Nike’s it is time to select what size and width you need. The size option is located on the right side of the screen. Once the size is selected, click on the cart and you are all finished. Figure out what shipping method you want and in a couple of weeks you will receive your custom Nike shoes.
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