How Do You Customize Metal Baseball Cleats?

Learning how to customize metal baseball cleats is a tricky practice. Customizing metal baseball cleats may render the cleat illegal for competitive play. The idea of the metal cleat is to allow the player to dig into the hard clay or dirt surfaces of infields. Customizing the metal cleat can add to the performance of the cleat but also make it susceptible to slipping. This article will look at two ways you can customize metal baseball cleats from mechanics to the actual underside of the cleat and changing the look of the shoe. Remember; be careful with your customization of baseball cleats as they may mead to the need to purchase a new pair. The process below is a recommendation on ways you can customize the metal cleat, not an authorization from your league to do so.

Things you will need:

  • Snips
  • Box cutter
  • Visible markers – silver or gold permanent
  1. One method to customize metal baseball cleats is to add or delete to the shoe. You can do this by using a box cutter to cut breathing slits in the shoe. Or by removing the overlapping tongue that shields the laces.
  2. You may use visible markers to add design or color to the shoe. Write names of your favorite player or add logos. Be creative with the markers and add some personal flair.
  3. You can also alter the cleat itself by cutting down or removing them. Some players remove alternating cleats with snips. This can assist in speed on the surface but may be detrimental to the turns when rounding the bag. Base the removal on the pattern of your cleats. The nose cleats and heel cleats should remain intact. The others may be disposable.


  • Careful with the cleat removal, if you get carried away then you are basically playing on a tennis shoe.
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