How Do You Customize Soccer Cleats?

How do you customize soccer cleats? Customizing your soccer cleats is quite simple, really. Just make a few design changes, switch out some fibers and you're good to go. You might also want to re-color your soccer cleats and cover up as many brand name icons as possible, just so you don't look like you're playing favorites on the field.

To customize your soccer cleats, you will need:

  • Neon laces
  • Spray paint
  • Charms
  1. Switch out your laces. Those ugly white things have got to go. Pick some neon laces and make sure they're the flat kind, not the rounded kind, which are always coming untied.
  2. Re-paint your soccer cleats. That original black paint was never any good anyway. Either use a non-washable fabric paint or go for the gold with spray paint. Note that this might chip off due to reckless soccer playing habits.
  3. Slide on some charms. Nothing says you're a champion like a "#1" charm and a big, gold soccer ball mini-pendant dangling from your laces.
  4. Paint your soccer cleats a different color. Shellac them with water-resistant spray when finished, or running through wet grass will mess up all your hard work.
  5. Change out the flip-up tongue on the front of the cleats. There's no need to advertise for Adidas if they're not paying you to wear their brand. What's taking them so long to call you with that sponsorship deal, anyway?
  6. Paint your unique team number on your cleats. Yes, it should match the one on the back of your shirt.
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