How Do You Date When You Have A Std?

You should pick and choose your dates more carefully if you have an STD, keeping in mind the question of "how do you date when you have an STD?" It’s really that simple. Not everyone will understand when it is time open up your personal life. But infected individuals do not want to put their dates at risk for contracting a disease. Sexually transmitted diseases are just that, diseases which are passed through sexual contact. So, rubbing, touching, or caressing another individual will not put them at risk.

  1. Sharing Your News with Your Date. It is important that individuals inform their dates about a sexually transmitted disease before engaging in sexual contact. However, if you are just out on a date having fun, there is no need to put all of your personal business out on the table. But before you become intimate with another individual, it is important to let this person know you have a sexually transmitted disease.  
  2. Talk About the Risk. Sexually transmitted diseases are not to be taken lightly. Tell your partner about the risk they will be taking. Depending upon the type of disease, it can change a person’s life forever. Some individuals find it hard to be intimate with other individuals who have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease.
  3. Give Your Date Space. Give your date time to come to terms with what you have told them. They may need time to think, and decide if they want to continue the relationship or not. It is important for them to make up their own mind, without feeling pressured. Individuals should be given the opportunity to decide whetheror not they wish to continue taking the relationship to the next level. Some individuals may wish to continue onward with the relationship and practice safe sex, whereas others may not be so open minded and run for the nearest border. The main point is to do the right thing, and give a person the time to make up their mind, about taking the risk.

Dating with an STD is definitely not one of the easier ways to date. But it is important to understand that an individual’s life is not over just because they have an STD. Life goes on, and there is someone out there for everyone.



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