How Do You Find A Leak In An Air Mattress

Finding a leak in an air mattress can be frustrating, especially when the mattress is supposed to be used right away. However, there is an easy way to find the leak, and repair it quickly. Here is a list of supplies needed to find the leak in the air mattress and repair it:

To find a leak in an air mattress, you'll need:

  • An inflated air mattress
  • A room big enough to move the mattress around in
  • soap and water
  • a spray bottle or washcloth for the soap and water
  • tissue paper
  • (optional) duct tape
  • (optional) mattress sealant or patch
  1.  The first step is to inflate the air mattress. The mattress needs to be inflated either by mouth or some type of air mattress inflation device. Using an air compressor could result in over inflating the air mattress and cause an explosion or even bigger leak.
  2.  Next, visually inspect the mattress. Look over the mattress for any punctures or holes that may have been causing the leak. (If the leak in the air mattress is found by doing this, use duct tape or sealant to seal the puncture or hole to stop the air leak).
  3.  Use the tissue paper to look for leaks. If no air leaks are found within the air mattress with the visual inspection, use the tissue paper to go over the mattress and listen for air leaks. If there is a leak as the tissue paper is moved across the air mattress, it will make a hissing sound making the leak known and able to make the repair. If this step does not work, move onto the next step.
  4.  Use the soap and water to go over the mattress. Either with the spray bottle or washcloth cover the suspected air leak on the air mattress areas with soapy water. The soapy areas will bubble if there is a leak present, making it easy to find the hole. The leak can then be sealed with either duct tape or an air mattress sealant, or an air mattress patch.

After using these techniques to identify  the the leak in the air mattress, remember to not over inflate the mattress while testing the area for leaks because it may burst. Also, remember to have a large enough area to move the mattress around so that the mattress does not become punctured by something; creating an even bigger issue. Once the leak has been found, make sure to clean the area with soap and water and let dry before using any methods of  repair or patches onto the area for optimal adhesion. If after all of these methods are used and still the leak in the air mattress is present, it might be beneficial to purchase a new air mattress at a local store selling quality air mattresses.



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