How Do You Fix A Broken Plasma Screen TV?

Trying to figure out how do you fix a broken plasma screen TV? If you are trying to save a few bucks, you definitely want to know.  Plasma screen TV repair can be costly if you don't have a warranty or the problem with the screen falls outside of the warranty.  Here are a few tips designed to help you fix a broken plasma screen TV without breaking the bank.

Things you will need:

  • Pixel Correction DVD
  • Replacement Cable Connection
  1. The most common screen issue with plasma TVs is dead pixels or screen distortions.  Dead pixels can be easily repaired with the use of a pixel correction DVD.  Some plasma screen TVs come with the DVD when first purchased.  If you did not receive a pixel correction DVD, you can pick up one at your local electronics store fairly cheap.  To fix a broken plasma screen TV with dead pixels, pop the correction DVD  in the player, turn the resolution as high as possible, and wait.  Once the pixel correction process has been completed, the dead pixels should be repaired.  Easy, right?
  2. In rare situations, the pixel correction DVD will not always repair dead pixels on a plasma screen TV.  In these cases, it is okay to lightly tap the area with the dead pixels.  It is important to avoid hitting the screen too hard.  Physical damage can void any existing warranty you have.  Although some people have opted to use objects such as baseball bats, it is not wise to do so.  Simply tapping the affected area with your hand should fix a broken plasma screen TV.
  3. If the reception on your plasma screen TV appears to be a little fuzzy, check the wires connected to the TV.  Frayed or otherwise damaged cables can cause a plasma screen TV to appear broken due to poor reception.  If you find a damaged cable, replace it.  After replacing it, discard the cable.
  4. If you are still unable to fix a broken plasma screen TV at this point, it is time to call a technician.  A technician will be able to determine if your screen can be repaired, is it worth repairing, and the steps needed to repair it.

A broken plasma screen TV can be a pain, but it happens.  Whatever you do, remember to check with the manufacturer of your plasma screen TV before taking any steps to fix it.  You want to be careful not to take any steps that may void your warranty.

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