How Do You Fix A Defiant Doorknob Lock

How do you fix a defiant doorknob lock, you ask? At one point or another, many homeowners may need to know to fix a doorknob lock. Locks can become jammed or stuck in either the locked or unlocked position. Most often this is due to dirt or debris that becomes lodged in the mechanism. It can also be due to the door not closing properly.

To fix a defiant doorknob lock, you will need:

  • Wood filler
  • Graphite lubricant
  • Straight edge
  • Screw drivers
  • Wood chisels
  • Hammer
  • Utility knife
  • Sand paper
  • Putty knife

The first thing you want to check is if the door is closing properly. If not, this could be making your doorknob lock defiant. When a door does not close properly due to the strike plate, it causes the lock not to be engaged. If by pushing on the door it will lock, the strike plate needs to be moved closer to the door jam. If after the door is closed you pull on it and it locks, the strike plate needs to be moved further away from the door jam.

  1. Remove the old strike plate. Use the wood chisel to remove any wood that prohibits the strike place from being put in the new position.
  2. Fill in the old screw hole with wood putty. After the putty dries, it may shrink and require another coat. When holes are completely dry, sand so the surface is smooth.
  3. Attach strike plate in new position. Test door to be sure the lock is now working properly.


If the defiant doorknob lock is binding up due to dirt or debris, follow the steps below.

  1. Lock inside the lock to see if there is visible debris. Stick a sturdy but thin wire inside keyhole and wiggle around.
  2. Use graphite lubricant to try and loosen or dislodge any debris. Insert key and try to work key back and forth. 


  • If all else fails, you can remove the lock and take it to a locksmith.
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