How Do You Get Anal Condyloma Acuminatum In Men?

How do you get anal condyloma acuminatum in men? If you have asked yourself this question, do not worry. You are not alone. This is a frequently asked question by many males. Condyloma acuminatum is the medical term for genital warts. It is caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are several strains of the human papillomavirus that can cause warts. Some of the strains are very serious and can even cause cancer. There is no cure for the virus, but you can get a vaccine that prevents the strains of HPV that cause cancer. Unfortunately though, anyone who has had the vaccine can still get genital warts.     

Men can get condyloma acuminatum through skin-to-skin contact usually during sexual activity. Condoms do not always protect you against warts. Even if you use a condom, you can still contract the virus. Despite the fact that you can still contract the virus while wearing a condom, it is still a good idea to wear a condom during sex in order to prevent contracting many other sexually transmitted diseases. Any time a you have sexual relations with an infected individual, you run the risk of contracting condyloma acuminatum. Both men and women can become infected with condyloma acuminatum and spread it. This means if you have any sexual contact at all, both protected and unprotected, with an individual who has the virus, you are at risk of becoming infected. There does not need to be vaginal or anal intercourse to spread the infection or become infected.

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