How Do You Get Boomerang For Direct TV

TV watchers wondering how do you get Boomerang for DirecTV simply need to know their active programming package as Boomerang is available on every English-language DirecTV programming package with the exception of Choice. Boomerang is a television channel from the Cartoon Network offering classic cartoons from the past, like the Jetsons, the Flintstones, and Popeye, Since getting Boomerang on DirecTV simply involves upgrading the programming package to anything above Choice, upgrading your package to Choice Xtra is all that it takes. DirecTV makes it simple for a customer to upgrade their programming package; either by calling the customer service number, or accessing DirecTV's website. 

To Get Boomerang on DirecTV, customers will need:

  • DirecTV account number or logon ID (if making an online programming change)
  • Either the DirecTV customer service phone number (1-888-777-2454) or website address
  1. Phone users call 1-888-777-2454 and ask for extension 721. This DirecTV customer service extension specializes in making programming changes. Simply ask the customer service rep to upgrade your programming package to Choice Xtra so you are able to get Boomerang on DirecTV.
  2. Internet users go to and log in to your account. On the account status page, there is a tab titled "My Programming." Simply click on the upgrade button underneath the tab to upgrade to the next highest programming package to get Boomerang on DirecTV.  

Two things to watch out for include making sure your account with DirecTV is in good standing, as they don't allow programming changes to past due accounts. Also double check you don't already have Boomerang for DirecTV. Since Boomerang is already included in most of DirecTV's programming packages, you might already have the channel. Tune in to channel 298 just in case! 

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