How Do You Get Cardiac Irritation?

If you are wondering how do you get cardiac irritation, then you are probably dealing with some type of heart condition and may have been recently diagnosed. Cardiac irritation can be caused by a variety of factors. Furthermore, it can result in several conditions within the cardiovascular system. The cause of the irritation and the area of the heart affected often determines exactly how diseases and conditions develop. The sooner cardiac irritation is discovered and treated, the less the risk is of further cardiovascular conditions developing and adversely affecting health.

  1. Myocarditis. Myocarditis is a type of cardiac irritation caused by infection by viruses, immune diseases, and others. Local and acute inflammation is generally followed by long-term cardiac irritation. The body's immune system continues to cause damage to the heart muscle long after the initial inflammation has subsided.
  2. Environmental Factors. Substances in the diet and environment may also play a role in the development of cardiac irritation. Caffeine and smoking are both examples of such factors which can make a person get cardiac irritation. Commonly, prolonged exposure to toxins or strong chemicals in the work environment cause cardiac irritation over the course of many years. When you get cardiac irritation from such sources, an abnormal heart rate is often the most obvious symptom. Removing the offending substance from the diet or environment can relieve the cardiac irritation and correct the problem in these cases.
  3. Respiratory Illnesses. Diseases and conditions affecting the respiratory tract can, in severe cases, develop into cases with cardiac irritation occurring. More often, however, respiratory illnesses such as pleurisy are mistaken for cardiac irritation by patients. A thorough physical and possible testing by a physician can clearly differentiate between those with a respiratory condition and those with cardiac issues.


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