How Do You Get God Mode On GTA4 On PS3?

Fans of the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series are accustomed to playing in god mode and are wondering how to get god mode on "GTA 4" on PS3? The answer is that it takes a little work to figure out, but once you've got the codes down, you'll never have to worry about health or finding weapons again. This installment in the "GTA" series doesn't have a specific god mode cheat code, but it does offer several cheats you can combine to create your own version of god mode for the PS3 version of "GTA 4." Best of all, you can customize the options to meet your exact wants and needs.

Items you'll need:

  • Playstation 3 console
  • PS3 controller
  • "Grand Theft Auto 4" game
  1. Press the "Up" arrow twice on your controller while in the game to access your character's cell phone. Pressing up twice will bring you to the dial pad where you can enter the cheat codes you need to get god mode on "GTA 4" for the PS3.
  2. Enter the cheat codes for full health and weapons. Type "GTA-555-0100" to access this cheat. If you run out of weapons or your health drops, just go back to the cell phone and enter the cheat again.
  3. Access advanced game weapons by entering "GUN-555-0100" into your cell phone dial pad. This will let your access the best weapons instead of the standard ones available from the other cheat codes.
  4. Dial "COP-555-0100" to turn down your wanted level. This keeps cops off your tail and let's you get away with whatever you want. This completes your options for creating god mode on "GTA 4" for the PS3. Other codes are available, but these codes are the ones that will give you ultimate control of the game.

While the game doesn't provide one individual code that lets you turn on god mode for "GTA 4," you can enter these codes at any time repeatedly to get what you want. Get away from the cops, access the best weapons and keep a permanent bar of health by combining these codes when you need them most. An easy way to learn the cheat codes is to remember they all start with a three letter code related to what you want, such as "GUN" for weapons and "COP" when running from the cops, followed by the numbers "555-0100." Memorize these numbers and all you'll need to know is the three-letter code that comes before them. Then you can build your very own god mode on "GTA 4" for the PS3.

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