How Do You Get Married On Sims 2 For Xbox?

So, you find yourself asking the question, "How do you get married on Sims 2 on Xbox?".  It is not a bad question, actually. For a game that touted the player's ability to form families and pass on genetics, this simple portion of the game is needlessly hard to figure out the first time around.  Perhaps meant to mirror the difficulty of finding a partner in real life, every "Sims" game has put a bit of a barrier up against allowing your character to get married too easily.  Fortunately, the answer to the of how to get married on the "Sims 2" for Xbox is actually fairly simple.  Just follow the steps below.

  1. Make a friend.  If you want your Sim to get married, you need to make a friend first.  Moving from acquaintance to friend is fairly easy – just interacting positively with another Sim frequently should be enough.  This is a bit easier in "Sims 2" than in the original game, so do not get discouraged!
  2. Make a Best Friend.  This is the third "relationship level" in the game, and it takes some work.  After a Sim becomes a Friend, take it to the next level by devoting as much of your Sims free time to that character as possible.  As a rule, stick to positive social interactions.  With the Xbox having somewhat simplified interactions, simply look for anything that looks vaguely positive.
  3. Flirt.  Use Social Options like "Hit On" once your relationship status with the other Sim is high enough.  This can backfire, but do your best to try this with several potential Sims. If you have your heart set on a character, consider saving and resetting your Xbox if things go wrong.  "Sims 2" tends to be a bit random with this, so it may take a few tries.
  4. Propose.  This is the endgame. Once you have moved a Sim from the "Friend" column to the "Lover" column, you will have various romance options.  In time, "Propose" will pop up.  Use this to tie the know!

Once you have proposed, your Sims will be well on their way to marriage.  Look forward to having another character in your house, another mouth to feed, and another income to get new items.  Unfortunately, the Xbox version will not allow your character to have children, so marriage will be the last social interaction you pull off .  Figuring out how to get married on "Sims 2" for Xbox is needlessly difficult to discover, but fairly easy to pull off. 

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