How Do You Get The Nitroglycerin In Bioshock For PS3?

So, you're playing "BioShock" and you're asking yourself this question, "How do you get the nitroglycerin in BioShock for PS3?" Well, we're going to answer that question for you. It's not very hard to find the nitroglycerin when following this guide. However, having to look for it can prove to be difficult.

Things you'll need:

  • "BioShock"
  • Playstation 3 console
  1. Head into the office. In the Hephaestus level, go into Kyburz's office. When you are in the office, you should see some bulletproof glass, a desk and probably a few more items. Behind the glass is the nitroglycerin. There are a few ways to get the nitroglycerin: You can hack to open the class or you can open the glass in a much simpler process. To hack the door, make sure you have the tonics for it. However, in this article, we're going to explain the simpler process.
  2. Go over to the desk. Stand behind the desk. You should now see an opening, showing that the desk is "hollow." Crouch down behind the desk.
  3. Open the locked door. Find and press the button located in the desk. You'll have to crouch down to find it. Inside the empty area in the desk should be a button, which will either be inside the desk, under the top of the desk, in front of the desk or above the bottom of the desk. Press the button. The locked glass should now open.
  4. Obtain the nitroglycerin. Once the door is open. Walk over to the nitroglycerin and take it!



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